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Haldiram is one of the famous Indian-based Sweet and savory franchise. With it’s years of establishment as one of the most trusted brand in major parts of the country and now globally, it has been successful in building a strong customer Haldiram’s products and comes in a lots of variety. base for itself. In the past few years, Haldiram franchise has implemented strong steps to the clear goals, with it’s three- established models, consisting of their sweet and namkeen/savory products, quick-service restaurants and casual dining. All the three plans have experienced equal share of profit in the Indian market.HALDIRAM’S DISTRIBUTOR MARGIN

Haldiram holds a dominating position in India’s snack market with the revenue of Rs 6,571 crore, increasing to a whooping Rs 32,000 crore in the past few years. Bringing in light, the most successful business plan of Haldiram, would be its products, which has experienced a continuous growth. HALDIRAM’S DISTRIBUTOR MARGIN


Haldiram has 400 products in total, which are popular in both India and world-wide. With the huge variation in products, Haldiram distributors have increased all over the country, especially in the Two-tier states. They company produces huge variety of products like namkeens like bhujiya, moong dal are very popular in India  as well as abroad. Indian sweets like soan papdi is among the most popular products, western snacks like cookies, papads, sherbets, pickles, nuts, which are noticed, to grow faster than any Western products. Haldiram also manufactures Ready-to-eat food products, for the purpose of which machinery was imported from the United States in the 90s.


The best part about Indians, is that we love indulging on our favourite snack and sweets, every now and then, even if there is no occasion, and that’s where Haldiram sets in. 

Haldiram has earned trust among the Indian audience, in the past years and has a very strong customer base, currently. Being a Indian based brand, Haldiram is popular for it’s safe and hygenic products, and also the products connect hugely with the Indian household and emotions. For instance, during important festivals in India like Diwali, Holi etc., there’s no other company that comes in our mind, other than that of Haldiram’s, which takes equal part in our festivities.

This opens many opportunities for Haldiram distributors, being a home brand and the best opportunity we get in hand while tieing up with such brands is the trust. Investing on established brands like Haldiram saves all your time and energy in contemplating whether it will sow you any profit, because people already know about the brand and it has it’s strong loyal customer base. 



Haldiram’s Namkeens:

Haldiram’s Namkeen and Bhujiya are one of the most famous items, and is very popular among Indians, all over the world. Savoury snacks have always been an integral part of the Indian diet, and is considered as their most favourite tea time companion.The quality and the taste of the Haldiram Bikaneri namkeen and bhujiya, has been very successful with it’s consistent taste and quality. The ingredients used and the flavours of the Haldiram’s namkeen, has all the hearts!

Haldiram’s Sweets Syrups:-

Haldiram’s were one of the many brands who started store-bought syrups in India. With it’s very new and refreshing flavors, Haldiram’s Syrup has always been a saviour during a hot summer day!


Haldiram’s Cookies:

Haldiram’s offers great variety of cookies in the Indian market. These have acquired it’s own share of profit in the Indian market. The Haldiram’s cookies, were even found to beat other International based snacks.

Haldiram’s Gift Packs:

Haldiram’s gift packs are great money-savers and a one-stop solution during famous Indian occasions like Diwali, Holi, etc. The Gift pack offers great combo of Haldiram’s products and comes in a lots of variety.




The Delhi and Nagpur units together account to 0.6 millions retail outlets of Haldiram’s in India. C&F agents receive around a 5% commission, while distributors earn margins ranging from 8% to 10%. The retail outlets earn margins from 14% to 30%.In the International market, Haldiram’s has successfully acquired 35 sole distributors.

However, there is no such accurate account of the profit margin, but, there’s a guaranteed profit, as Haldiram’s enjoy a loyal customer base across the country.The profits of a Haldiram’s distributor, depend on the location of the outlet along with the type of franchise, that has been chosen by the distributor. A person, who can afford required investment amount and has a good business acumen is bound to earn big profit margins with Haldiram’s.


So, if you’re looking for a profitable business opportunity, with a trusted brand, Haldiram’s is the right choice to make. Haldiram’s Namkeen Distributorship is already has a very popular market in India, so investing on it can result in beneficial outcomes.


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