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Are you planning to take up the Haldiram franchise for your location? Did you always want to invest inside a vegetarian fast-food chain? If yes then this write-up is here to for helping you out giving you all the information regarding the entire application process, investment costs and all the other details.

Starting the operations back in the year 1937 from Bikaner in Rajasthan, as a very small business of namkeen and sweets. The very first model plant of manufacturing the Namkeens and sweets was established in Nagpur. In just a few days, the company became a huge name in households all over the country.

Reasons to consider Haldirams Franchise Business

Haldirams Food International Limited has been recognized as a Star Export House by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade which is a department that works under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

Haldirams is now certified by HACCP as an organization that follows strict international norms for safety and food. The company has been branded as “The No. 1 brand” for the ready-to-eat Snack Food division and also as the most trusted Indian Brand in the year 2003. At the present day, the brand is exporting food products all over the world. Various countries like Australia, the United States, South Africa, United Kingdom have emerged as the major importers of Haldirams products.

There are a huge number of Indians residing in the countries outside India and their trust towards the brand has increased the demand for the products. This will make you proud to be associated with a brand having a legacy like Haldirams. This will not just ensure profits but also offer you exceptional recognition in the society.

Haldiram’s franchise restaurants are entirely owned and run by the company only. None of the pre-existing units are franchised. But presently the brand has decided for taking the franchise business into a more expanded level in tier 1 and tier 2 cities of the country. This brings a huge amount of profitable business opportunities for people who are looking to invest in branded business ventures which are highly profitable.

How much profitable is the Haldirams franchise?

Haldirams now has an annual turnover of over Rs 400 crore along with a brand valuation of around Rs 1500 crore. They are also having a huge market share of around 25% in the country. The brand has become extremely popular in the last 70 years ago in the region. This brand was the first one to provide an emphasis on the packaging and presentation of all its ready-to-eat snacks. Haldirams is currently aiming to add over 150 outlets to its name by the end of this fiscal year. They are focusing on expanding the franchise market in South-West India in the upcoming 5 years. So, keeping all of this in mind, it can be concluded that the brand has the potential to be an extremely profitable business for those who are looking for opportunities.

Haldirams franchise cost

The snack chain Haldirams actually operated in three formats which are namely – Casual Dining, Kiosk, Quick Service Restaurants. The company operates and owns all the existing stores which are available in the country. The brand is offering three types of business formats to customers for the expansion of their business.

Casual Dinners has an investment amount of anything in between 1 Cr to 4 Cr. This comprises of 2 offices staffs, maintenance costs, rent, water, light and electricity. You need to consider a budget of around 2,5000,000 to be on the safe side. This is mandatory as a requirement by Haldiram.

The easiest for maintaining and lowest in the terms of investment is the Kiosks. You also need to have a proper license from Haldirams before selling the products. You can easily apply for this option by applying for permission from the franchise store from the website.

Quick Service Restaurants are not needed to have a high amount of area but need to be placed in a good location. It is sufficient to have only one store worker and maintenance costs are also very less. Approximately it is needed to have around 1 to 3 crores in liquid cash for starting this type of franchise.

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Required area for Haldirams Franchise Restaurant

As you know that the brand Haldirams is distributing the franchises in 3 formats so the space of operation mostly depends on the area in which the franchise has been planned to be opened. All three models have seen huge success in a traditional Indian market scenario. Because of this taking decision upon which model to go with mainly depends on how much you are looking to invest.

  • Casual Dinner – For this, it is at least needed to have an area of 2000 – 5000 Sq. Ft
  • Kiosks – The size of the kiosks needs to be a minimum of 75-100 Sq.Ft. Getting a kiosk license mainly depends on the location at which you are opening the shop.
  • Quick Service Restaurants – You are all set to receive the license if you are having a place of 1000-1500 Sq.Ft.

The factor does not just lie with the area. But the market and location completion around the store will be also deciding on the profits which you will be gaining.

Haldirams Franchise Training

A quite lenient amount of training is required for opening up a Haldirams franchise when compared with some other brands. Primarily Haldirams look for business partners who are assisted with the city in corners for years. Haldirams only believe in keeping an exceptional track record along with the goodwill of the business. The company will be offering a complete detailed operation manual for all the franchises. All the staff is offered training of around 2 weeks in their facility located in Kolkata.

Haldirams Franchise Support

You can be completely sure that the support from the brand is much better than all the other brands in the region. The company is having an exceptional track record for supporting all the business partners in marketing and finance.

Now, are you ready to join this revolution from Haldirams? Then you should contact the Haldiram franchise contact number on +91 9062582366

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